Crosswise offers a few different ways of earning Incentives while advertising our platform and bringing value to our community.


Crosswise intends to be a driving force contributing to pivotal integration efforts in the DeFi space, by bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance.

Moonwalkers Affiliate Program
Earn 1% lifetime rewards from your referred users via our Moonwalkers Affiliate Program. The feature is completely natively built into our DEX and let's the user share and distribute his own, unique affiliate link. Any user signing up over your link will bring you in 1% of their $CRSS earnings. Head over to our dAPP and start earning now:
Moonwalkers Affiliate

The Ambassador Program
We believe that only with a strong community behind our platform we will be capable of scaling and becoming a lasting success.Therefore we are inviting all marketers, including community leaders, social media influencers, content creators, students & academia and industry leaders to actively promote and distribute Crosswise vision.
We welcome everyone to apply for our Ambassador program.  The Crosswise Team will go thoroughly through all applications and will let each applicant know the final result.
Please find a link to our Article explaining the program in-depth and the sign-up form below: Article

Shill Contest
Another great opportunity to win $500CRSS is by entering our Shill Contests. Earn points by joining our communities, inviting your friends and followers, sharing our content and following our socials. More points lead to a higher chance in winning the prize. Good luck!
Please find a link to our Shill Contest below: